Today in conversation Geoff stated that Jeff discussed a few issues with him last night. I need to digress or I will forget why Geoff and Jeff had the opportunity to be alone and actually talk without Jeff trying to upset me.Seems that Jeff enjoys getting under my skin; he’s a very very wicked 18 yr old. I say wicked and I don’t mean evil. I mean he just likes to instigate problems, but in a kidding way. Mostly just with good ol’ mom.So, Jeff called last night at almost 1 a.m., and yes, you guessed it he was intoxicated, not plastered but feeling good (well according to him). So Geoff offered to go get him. Was nice of him as I would have gone out, but he has very much stepped up to the plate and taken on all the father responsibilities. Anyway, Geoff picked up an intoxicated Jeff and I thought that was all.

Today, Geoff told me that Jeff asked if Geoff would take off December 8 as Jeff has to go to court for a ticket. Normally I would say “It’s just a ticket” but this isn’t an ordinary ticket. Jeff attempted to purchase alcohol and was caught as the liquor store was under surveillance for selling alcohol to minors. In any case, Jeff’s a minor and **boom** he was busted. Of course what makes this worse is that it comes on the skirt tail of his DUI. He is on 3 years probation and this citation places him in violation of probation.

Geoff of course said he would go with him. Jeff went on to tell Geoff that he is understands that Geoff isn’t his father but understands he has taken on teh father role. Further, Jeff stated “I need to get out of this town.” I guess Jeff said that this place is not good for him and he really wants to get his probation terminated to follow through with his plans of enlisting into the Marines.

Jeff made reference to me and indicated he knew I would worry about him in the Marines but needed to go. I guess what I got from that conversation between Geoff and Jeff is that Jeff opens up to Geoff more so when I am not around. Yes, he was intoxicated so it might have been more like “I love you man” but it wasn’t. It was just a fatherly figure having (maybe just listening) to a son.

Jeff’s doing better with drinking but by no means have I fooled myself into believing he has learned his lesson. I know he will continue to drink until such time as he realizes it isn’t the best thing since sliced bread.

It’s nice to feel that the kids really know that Geoff is there for them. I know in my heart they know it, but it is nice to see it occasionally as well.

For Geoff – thank you for being a very good fatherly figure for the kids. It’s difficult as you came into my life at a time most difficult for the kids. Years later they finally express their feelings for you and acknowledge you as part of OUR family.

Difficult times for us – yes, but we have each other and that is more than some have.