Since Jeff’s been off work I notice his drinking as picked up again. I just cringe when he walks in the house in the wee hours of the morning. Granted he isn’t falling down drunk like he use to be, but does that really make a difference? Drinking is drinking and with all that has happened already – the DUI, the citation for minor purchasing alcohol – you would think he would just be done with that stuff.I asked him when he is going back to work and he indicated he needed to get a doctor’s note to release him. A simple foot injury has set him back. He had been drinking less, and some days not at all. I can’t say he was more responsible, but I think he was more disciplined, at least in regard to work, schedule, etc.I guess time will tell what will happen next. I know I can’t change it. I know from experience with Jeff’s father, Neil, that all the crying, ranting and raving, screaming, begging and pleading will not end this cycle of drunk, sober, drunk sober, etc.I have decided not to assist Jeff should he find himself in trouble with law enforcement. That doesn’t mean I won’t be a supportive mother; of course I will. However, I won’t bail him out, or hire an attorney, or anything that makes the legal matter easier for him. If he does get in trouble due to alcohol or something related to alcohol he is just going to have to weather the storm.

I do believe tough love is more difficult on the parent administering it than the child receiving it – or is it?