Jeff’s court date didn’t quite the way he had hoped. I honestly think Jeff thought it would be a breeze. The court didn’t deny his motion for termination of probation; however, the court wasn’t impressed with Jeff’s intent to enlist in the Marines. The court ordered the Probation Officer to contact the Recruiter for additional information. Jeff informed the court that the Recruiter could not say “I will ensure Jeff’s enlistment” as the military cannot be used to relieve someone’s obligations and/or participation in criminal matters. That being the case the recruiter can inform the court they have every reason to believe Jeff’s intentions is to enlist and report thus far what Jeff has done to stay active in the process. Jeff was told the P.O. would contact him back tomorrow.

Jake and Jeff left for Basslake after court and on the drive up Jeff received a call from the P.O. – Jeff was told the new court date was January 5th and that he is to have a physical, a hair cut and his ASVAB scores from his test (military stuff). The P.O. also stated Jeff is to look into volunteering with possibly MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving). I am unclear on that part of the P.O. request as January 5th is the court date and that leaves little time to make arrangements to assist or volunteer.

Maybe it isn’t meant to be him going into the Marines. Maybe probation is what is meant to be. You can’t ask a mother during war time which is preferred. Probation would be fine if he wasn’t on a destructive road. Continuous partying and that **nothing can happen to me** mentality. I mean look at the alternative – Marines, boot camp, additional training and possible Iraq. If you were a mother which would you wish for. Both can lead to the unthinkable.