Jeff’s sad tonight – or seems to be. He came home and told me his recruiter called him today and he might be leaving for boot camp sooner than expected. The fear that comes with the knowledge of him going is excruciating. I know this is for the best. I know his future with the friends, hanging out, and drinking was a disaster waiting to happen.I love him so very much and am proud of the changes he is trying to implement in his life.

Liz is almost packed up and ready for her move to the beach. I am going to miss her. I have to eat my words “I won’t miss them when they go” So here I am missing Liz and Jeff already before they even leave.

Liz says I am going to miss her most because she does all the grocery shopping ( I HATE shopping – even grocery shopping). I have already tried to prime Jacob into the thinking of being the shopper. I am not sure a 16 year old boy can ever get in that mindset, but I will continue to work on it.

I guess the empty nest syndrome does exist!