I haven’t been chronicling things as I should. Not sure if I have been out of sync, or just lazy. So things are moving right along in the motherhood and relationship with my children department.

Liz started school this week. Woohoo – 3rd year of Jr. College. What can I say; as long as she is moving forward in search of what she wants to do with her forever I am happy. As of this week she is pretty clear she wants to major in political science. We have been talking a lot recently she’s even mentioned law school. Last we spoke of school she stated that she would be applying to schools out of Santa Barbara. She has a transfer agreement with UCSB, but as a political science major she felt other area schools might be better suited. Sacramento, where she can intern in the Capital is just one example. Who knows if that will come to be as she changes her mind so often but for now she has a goal.

Of course she and Adam #2 are off again. It changes daily so it stresses me out. What does one expect at their young age? I try to listen and stay out of it (I don’t stay out very well)

Jake started his senior year. He looked the part up until a week ago when he chopped off all his hair. I swear he looks like a Jr. Higher now. Another new situation with Jake is his girlfriend, Katie. I swear that Romeo gets around. He hangs out with many but not often does he use the word girlfriend. She must be something special (for today) as he has rarely used the word.

And of course can’t forget Jeff. He returned from Virginia on August 25, 2005. Liz picked him up at LAX and made their way back to Santa Barbara, which Jeff now calls home.

Geoff and I drove up on August 26th to spend part of the weekend with Jeff. Of course we all had duties to perform. Geoff and Jeff needed to drive to L.A. so that Jeff could report to his reservist depot, and of course because he is a [insert last name here] (we always joke about anything associated with our last name being jinxed) that it didn’t go smoothly as it should have. They got to L.A. only to find no one there. Jeff’s orders said report by 2100 on August 26th. After wandering around some a Navy officer talked to them (guess there was Navy in there as well – after all they are affiliated). They told Jeff no one was there to process him and he would have to come back on the 29th. Jeff informed them he couldn’t return on the 29th as he didn’t have a ride from
Santa Barbara on that day. They were pretty accommodating and stated they would call him on the 29th to work something out.

While Geoff and Jeff were gone Liz and I went grocery shopping, clothes shopping (Jeff had very little that still fit him) and school book shopping. Kids can be so expensive. I am a firm believer on a parent putting their children through college as best they can so of course I bought Liz’s books (300 dollars and still two books to buy). All in all the weekend cost me 700 dollars. I am broke now!!

After Geoff and Jeff arrived home we did some home repair things at Liz’s (and not Jeff’s), we hooked up Jeff’s computer and got his living area all situated. Later we all went to Chili’s for dinner, of course on good ol’ mom (another 100 bucks), and really enjoyed the time shared. There was kidding around, laughing and a few moments of reminiscing. We all talked of what to do after dinner and decided going to a movie (Wedding Crashers) would be good. I told all the kids (young adults) they would have to pay for themselves. No one had issue with it and we went on to a great movie. I spent more time watching Jeff laugh, smile and get teary eyed because he was laughing so hard than I did watching the movie. My good he looks good. Fit, happy, respectful (for the most part) and level headed.

There wasn’t much to do after the movie so we all went back to the house and went to bed. By this time Liz and Adam were arguing (again I stayed out of it). Geoff and I took their bed, Jeff slept in his area, and Liz and Adam took the couches. I was very upset at Adam as he made Liz sleep on the short, uncomfortable couch instead of offering her the longer sofa. Liz had to work the next day at 9am and he had the day off. Adam is so young he doesn’t understand how to treat a girl, but I suppose that is something they will have to work out between themselves.

Anyway, when we got up Liz was gone, and Adam was sleeping. Geoff and Jeff had been up for hours and were just mulling around. Geoff had been to the McD’s a few dozen times (over exaggerating) for coffee as Liz had none. Geoff finished doing some home things for Liz and working on computers. The day got a bit rougher for me as Adam continually asked Jeff he wanted to go to the Indian Casino. The first three or four times Adam asked Jeff said no, “I am going to hang out with my parents.” Finally, after an hour or so of badgering Jeff said, “Mom do you care?” Now, I did care but he has been limited on what he could do for 8 months so I didn’t think it was my place to tell him no. After all he is a grown man now. Adam said it was 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back and since each were only going to spend 20 dollars so wouldn’t be a long trip. Anyway, three hours later as Geoff and I sat in their house alone I began fuming. I tried to not let it get to me but dammit I hadn’t seen Jeff in 5 months it would have been nice to think of that before he left.

Liz arrived home from work – Geoff, Liz and I went to lunch ..and then Geoff and I headed home. I called Jeff and told him that I loved him and would see him soon.

On the drive home Jake called and said he was going to SB with Jeff’s girlfriend. I couldn’t say no as he wanted to see Jeff as well, but I was annoyed because he should have just gone with us. When we got home I saw some of their friend’s cars outside the house. Now I had told Liz earlier in the week, along with all Jeff’s friends, this weekend was a family weekend only. I thought Jeff needed time to get settled, not immediately hang out with all his lush friends, and wanted to keep it fairly calm at Liz’s since she had school starting on Monday. Needless to say I was very angry when I found out all the gang was on their way to SB.

I called and yelled at Liz. Liz was so adult like she said, “ I know you aren’t mad at me Mom and it is okay that you are venting all this to me.” Of course later on Jeff called me and yelled at me saying that I shouldn’t be upset at all. Jeff went on to say that I needed to stop being childish about his going to the Casino because if I didn’t want him to go I should have told him no. So, Jeff and I agreed, I was acting childish (angry) and he was inconsiderate. The entire argument lasted 5 minutes.

A day went by and I didn’t talk to Jeff. I am not going to hound him to death just because he is home. He called me last night and said he needed money. I told him he was going to have to get serious and find a job as I was not going to give him spending money.

Well, today Jeff got a job!!!!!!. He will be starting next Tuesday as the Stocking Supervisor at The Gap. What does the stocking supervisor do I asked. Jeff laughed and said “Hell of I know, but the manager/owner is a Marine so he liked me.” Jeff said he will be starting at 9.00 dollars an hour, and that is with no experience. He thinks that is great and I am happy as can be that he is pleased with it.

He also called his reservist depot. He needs to report next Wednesday for processing and then return Thurday evening for his first weekend of duty. I am already stressed out thinking how we are going to get him there and back two days in a row, and then on Sunday, and then every month. Him having no license because of that DUI is really adding a lot of work to others. Geoff has talked with Jeff and will make it happen, all that driving that is. It is hard, Bakersfield to Santa Barbara, to LA, back to SB, then back to Bakersfield.

Geoff does love Jeff as if he was his own son. My family is blessed.