It isn’t the first time I have heard it, but it is becoming less and less acceptable to me. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on people as I use to say just a reservist as well. I said it to set my mind at ease; a mother’s need to keep worry at bay as long as possible. Other people have said it to take something always from what he’s accomplished, and yes, what he has promised to sacrifice if need be.

From my sister (who has since changed her vocabulary in this area) to a very good friend of mine. When it is said I choose to ignore the statement as best I can. It enrages me if I am honest, but I can’t own what other people think. I know sometimes it is said without thinking; even those times bother me.

Every time it is said I lose a little bit of respect for the person that says it. I have no problem with someone judging me or what I am doing with my life (ok that is not exactly true but more so than judging my child). I find it quite offensive for someone to judge a person in the Military. After all, no matter if they are defending us at this moment they could be called up at any moment. My son’s life could be in danger tomorrow, and he knowing that enlisted anyway. I only hope any need our country has of him does not place him in danger, but realistically, with what is going on in the world that may not be possible.

My son often remarks about other military branches such as “those dirty army guys”- there have been times I have made joking remarks as to Marines being the top dogs. Maybe that is because Marines have that mentality and it truly does rub off on parents. Really it is all a big joking thing that is done among each other; rarely out and about. When Jeff has said things about other armed forces I remind him they are risking their safety like everyone else. When it all comes down to it I respect any person that is serving in any capacity.

Ok, enough of that….


Liz is doing well in school or so she says. I am a little upset with her for being such a last minute kind of girl. Her ex roommate finally meeting up with me (of course not Liz – mom always cleans things up) at the storage facility to hand over the unit as all Liz’ things were there. She and Liz had a falling out some time ago and this girl changed the lock on the storage unit. Now that the fee is due and she no longer needs it she was willing to allow Liz to re-rent thereby saving her items from storage facility ebay. So another 65 dollars to the girl who doesn’t need help- too bad she didn’t tell me it is going to cost me 65 a month to keep her memories stored. I wish there was room at the house to store her items. The books, pictures and keepsakes can be stored, but the washer/dryer, dining room table and other household items will never fit.

Thus far Jeff and Liz (along with her boyfriend Adam #2 – Jeff’s high school friend) don’t seem to have much difficulty living together. A few arguments (mostly between Adam and Liz) but other than that all is going well.

Jeff got a job too. YEA!! It was so funny Jeff called and told me he is the new Stocking Supervisor. “What does a stocking supervisor do,” I asked. He just laughed and told me he had no idea. He said the owner/manager is a retired Marine and liked him. The owner/manager went on to say the workers need structure and inspiration, etc ..etc. I reminded Jeff that a leader can’t be bossy, well not entirely. He wasn’t there to make enemies he was there to do a job and do it well. There’s a difference between expected work integrity and playing a big shot to a bunch of people who have been there far longer than he. He said he knew and I truly hope he does. After his first day he called me and said he hated it. He felt no one liked him. Maybe no one does – I told him that isn’t the most important thing. The most important thing is doing a good job, having good work ethics and treating co-workers with respect. Time will tell how this all goes.

Last weekend Geoff took off work to take Jeff to report for processing and his weekend duty. Of course because he is a [insert our last name as bad luck follows the name] it didn’t go smoothly. They got to Encino Thursday morning at 10 am as instructed. When they arrived they were told to come back at 6pm. Now, Geoff had left
Bakersfield and drove to
Santa Barbara; then drove
Santa Barbara to Encino only to be told to come back. I can’t understand how this could happen again. This was as bad as him trying to check in the Friday after he got home. So Geoff calls me and lets me know what is going on. Geoff told me that he and Jeff are driving back to SB because Geoff was supposed to help Jake with his paper (damn English) and he won’t have any time to do it if he doesn’t find a computer to work on. So back to SB they go – work on Jake’s paper (outline) and email it to me at work. At 4pm drove from SB back to Encino where they processed Jeff. Of course there’s more. Originally they told Jeff to bring his gear as it was drill weekend. When they processed him they told him that he didn’t have to drill because he wasn’t processed early enough. Needless to say Geoff took the day off and drove 500 + miles that day. He and Jeff came home to
Bakersfield – got home at about 10 p.m. Geoff had to get up at 2:30 am and drive to LA for work as he starts at 5 a.m. As I have said before Geoff must love us. I made mention of that when Geoff and Jeff were in the same room and Jeff said “I know he loves me” and walked up behind Geoff and kissed him on the cheek. That caught me off guard, but it was a great off moment moment for me.

Jeff’s DUI will follow him for a while, and that means follow us. We try to help him, along with Liz. Hopefully Jeff will take care of his DUI needed classes to satisfy the DMV and get his license once again. Although I am not sure how that would help if he doesn’t have a car. I already told Jeff his car is on him. I provided the car in high school and he screwed up. Now the Man will have to provide for himself.

Jake’s doing remarkably well. His school work for the most part is being done solely by him. I have to admit his English papers are being assisted (pretty much done by) by Geoff. This is Jake’s first year in College Prep English. Since the 7th grade he has been in RSP English. I can’t say enough about the LIPS program that brought him from 2nd grade level reading to 11th grade reading level. So assisting with English papers will always be a part of our life (ours meaning Geoff and I). I would like to think Jake could write the paper without Geoff, but not sure that is a realistic expectation at this time. I really think that will come in college. He will have to take classes that focus on writing only. High school English doesn’t really teach that anymore. Am I justifying our cheating ways – possibly, but I live with it knowing that Jake does the school work and passes, does the other homework and passes, takes all the tests and passes…He may not get A’s all the time, but his C’s are sometimes the best kind of A to get.

As difficult as life is something – I love my kids and I am so glad I can say those are my kids. I wouldn’t want them any other way