I feel like I am drowning in parental issues. No matter what we do for our children (adults) it sometimes feels overwhelming. Talking to Jeff tonight reminded me of this. We talked about the drinking issue and still I feel like I am hitting myself up against a brick wall. He finally told me he wasn’t just ticketed the other night for drinking at IVY but he was arrested. Arrested again is all I could think. We talked it through again (seems like that is all I do now days). I told him I was worried for his future and it seemed to me that he was doing less drinking but drinking just the same and getting himself into trouble. He goes to court on Wednesday and will find out about the fine for drunk in public. I told him I wasn’t sure that I could give him the money for the fine (lets me honest it is me and if I can manage it I probably will). My greatest concern is his Military status. What will happen there? I guess I will just have to wait and see, but waiting for a parent, even a parent of an adult child is so difficult.After Jeff and I get done speaking about all the needs he has I speak to Liz. Liz’s car has broke down and she didn’t call to tell us. When I asked why this was she said that last time we talked of her car I told her she was an adult and needed to take care of the maintenance. Ok, I said that but did I mean it? I am worried she will drive it anyway; even with the leak and faulty breaks. Why, because kids (young adults) don’t think things through all the time and knowing Liz (who often makes remarks like Jessican Simpson) she would drive it to work saying I didn’t know that no water in the engine meant the car would blow up.

I got home from work almost unable to breath. When it rains it pours when it comes to needs of adult children. Doesn’t help that Liz and Jeff live together so when someone calls asking for food money I know they both need it.

I feel very alone – Geoff is here saying we will get through this, and I suppose I know he is right. I just don’t feel that way right now. Right now I feel like not again! My children are great people. I just wish they would act on that greatness more often. This learning my trial and error may be the death of their mother.

I can’t even begin to think what Jake is up to- better yet what he is getting away with. Unlike Jeff, Jake isn’t an in your face kind of kid. If he is going to do something wrong – dammit he is going to be sneaky about it.

More of the saga and overly dramatic reports from an overwhelmed mother to follow.