typewriter.gif   I have not been keeping record of the life and times of my rugrats as well as I should be. I use to write daily, or almost daily about the good, the bad, and the ugly in regard to my relationship with my children, as well as their personal ups and downs. I am not sure why I stopped, but I am really in need of getting back to the release one gets from words.
Week in Review – Liz:

Liz is still out of a job, but at least had an interview and Longs Drug Stores. I was really excited for her. Ok, let me be honest; the excitement was for me as well. Paying her bills is killing me. 700+ a month. I know it does not sound like an enormous amount, but it is when you have to pay it. She lost her last job in late December 2005 and since that time my money is her money. She has not been able to find a job because she became ill and was unable to hit the pavement and jobsearch. So now…now I thought great she is feeling better so job here she comes – no that was not to happen. She called last night and sounded sick, really sick. Relapse is my worst enemy right now.

As to her love life I could kick her. She is still pining over her ex who is not good for her anyway. It's complicated because her brother lives with her ex, and Liz lives with her brother's ex. There is no way to separate oneself from ex's if they live underfoot. She cries and cries "Why doesn't he like me that way anymore?" I wonder why she wants him to. He is not the same kid that she knew when they were together. He is pot smoker, dead beat cocaine using kid. She does not do any of those things. I guess you can not help who your heart is drawn to but I remind her all the time there is a choice you have about entering or maintaining a relationship with a person like that. Her stock reply "I know Mom."

Week in Review – Jeff:

Not much to report in regard to Jeff. He seems to be getting into less trouble. He has not gotten a drunk in public ticket in quite sometime, so on that front maybe he is finally tired of that hard partying life. He loves his job and is good at it. He loves the people interaction. This weekend he is off at his Marine Drill Weekend. Before he left he told me he was contemplating going active duty. I did not respond negatively. I simply said I would support any decision he made I just wanted him to be careful.

Week in Review- Jake:

A typical senior in highschool who is starting to get even more lazy about school than usual. I received a letter from the school "Your senior student is in danger of not graduating." He failed first quarter government. The one class he HAS to pass and he messing around. We talked and that is all I can really do. Extra credit here Jake comes!