20 (or so) years ago I…
1. Married the man of my dreams (at the time)
2. Had my first child, second and third child
3. Started a business

10 (or so) years ago I…
1. Attended college
2. Became more self-confident
3. Met the next man of my dreams

5 (or so) years ago I…
1. Came to terms with the end of my marriage
2. Dealt with my son and his drinking
3. Began working at my current job

3 (or so) years ago I…
1. Actually divorced my husband
2. Reconnected with my mother
3. Disconnected with my mother

1 (or so) years ago I…
1. Watched my 20 yr old son join the Marines

2. Watched my 20 year old son become a man
3. Watched my 21 year old daughter, and 20 year old son move away (empty nest syndrome)

So far this past year I…
1. Dealt with the aftermath of my exs financial mishaps which seeped into my world
2. Made a few new girlfriends
3. Understood why I have never carried any anger in regard to my ex-husband

Yesterday I…
1. Anxious about a trip
2. Downloading music
3. Walked (exercise) even though I didnt want to

Today I…
1. Walked (exercise) even though I didnt want to
2. Had lunch with a close girlfriend
3. Listened to a client and offered words of advice

Tomorrow I will…
1. Walk (exercise) even though I wont want to
2. Make sure those I love know it
3. Call my children and say I love you  – Make sure HE knows I love him and adore him

In the next year I will…
1. Lose weight, but more importantly feel better
2. Focus on my emotional health
3. Work on my relationships with friends and family