sz176.gif     Jake and DJ looked so cute on Saturday for the Prom. I was shocked when Jake didn't get DJ flowers, but it could be that I didn't push the subject. I mean after all they both could careless. They did the flower thing for winter formal, and this time it was just a fly by the seat of your pants kind of night. I was happy DJ looked good in her dress. Initially I was worried because she got it at Victoria's Secret. Everything in their catalog looks somewhat slutty, but when she got it and tried it on it looked great. A very fun and spring type of look. Of course Jake loved it. He kept saying it showed off her "boobs" and that was ok by him (BOYS!!).  Anyway, they had a blast. 

…and this comes my last prom. Liz, Jeff and Jake have complete all the high school milestones. I smile everything I look back on each and every one of them.

Jake and DJ – aren't they cute! (click the link below)

Prom April 2006