My financial "have to" is almost at an end with Liz (I think). I say that knowing that it may not be as over as I want it to be. Liz will finally be working at the end of the month and able to take over the majority of her bills. It has been difficult paying her monthly expenses along with my own, and bailing Jeff out when he finds himself in a financial pinch.

Everyone at work always says "I wish you were my mom!" I wonder if they say that in a positive of negative way. There are some that say I do too much for the kids, and they are most likely right, but in my mind I can justify every act.

In the last two days I have put 300.00 dollars in Liz's account, and more will follow as she kindly informed me that the car is broke. Liz didn't want to tell me like a typical kid because she thought I would be mad at her. All I know is it is going to cost money, money that I really don't have. When she called me yesterday to tell me about her cell phone bill, computer payment, and school monies needed she said "Oh yea, don't yell the car is broke." I asked Liz to call Geoff but typical kid again said "He will be mad you tell him." So what did I do…I told Geoff. It isn't that Geoff will be mad it is just bothersome to have to try to fix a car from 200+ miles away.

Liz is so independent in some ways, but yet so dependent. Even when she works full time there are times when she shows just how much she needs her mommy and Geoff.

Hopefully the car won't bankrupt me, but who knows. For now …for today…it is just another day with my fingers crossed. Somedays I feel like the first thing out of Liz's mouth is "Can I have…"

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Don't they look innocent