I almost forgot…The other night I was having dinner with a friend and Liz called. She was sniffling so I asked if she had been crying, to which she stated she had. She said, "Mom I just wanted to say I love you. I really love you." Of course my heart melted but why this need to tell me (don't get me wrong it was lovely but usually "I need" follows it).I asked if she was alright. Liz responded…apparently she just watched the movie The Family Stone and it made her think of me. I immediately knew she was talking about the end of the movie where the mother (played by Diane Keaton) died. Liz has always been worried my health issues were going to rip me from her in much the same way. It was so sweet that she was so touched by that mother that she wanted to call her mother.It is those small things that remind you just how strong your relationships with your children (even adult children) are. Liz and I have grown into friends, but I am her mother first and foremost. I love my daughter and she loves me; isn't that wonderful!