beer.JPG     So what can I say if it isn't Jeff it is Jake. Ok, maybe that isn't fair. Jake is pretty responsible, but still 8 beers!! He is at a friend's house and his girlfriend calls me. "Jill can Jake spend the night at Brett's?" Immediately I knew…"How many I asked" to which DJ stated she didn't know.

 Granted he is being responsible and not driving, but drinking. Moreover, Brett giving him the alcohol is very upsetting. Jake got on the phone and was still lucid; at least I think he was. Jake said he had 8 beers and was trying to be responsible and not drive home. I thanked him for that but reminded him "real" responsibility would have been not drinking. Of course there was no response.

I asked DJ to take Jake's keys and someone would go get him tomorrow. I don't want him trying to drive later if he finds himself in a drunken stupor.