092-113_large.jpg       Exhaustion has finally found me – the day has been long, but long awaited. Jake took the first step into true adulthood (ok ok a baby step) as he journeyed through the pomp and circumstance procession. The moment I saw the blue gowns with all those white and yellow tassels my heart soared. How long it has been – how long we have all waited for this day.

Tears were surprising absent on this special occasion. When Liz and Jeff graduated the tears flowed – not sure if it was sheer joy or welcomed relief that they had actually graduated. All the ups and downs of high school, all the cutting classes and the missed tests, and finally the triumphant day arrived. But, with Jake there was happiness that he had achieved this moment, but not tears. Maybe the moments with Liz and Jeff paved the way for a calmer mother, or maybe I just finally understand that graduation is just one of many more wondrous occasions to come.

There were a couple of times where the tears welled up in my proud eyes, but no salty moisture fell to my cheeks, there was just too much to smile about.

There are TONS of pictures and I am sure in a day or two I will post a few. However, for now, Jake, in all his cap and gown moments is mine – all mine

Who am I today? Today’s I am nothing more and nothing less than Jacob’s mother.