Oh my god!!   

I am sitting here minding my own business just watching a little bit of television and out comes the dog with something in his mouth. I pry it out of his crooked clentched teeth and what do I yank out…A CONDOM! First thought is he found it, in an enclosed wrapper and tore it open himself. After all he is a puppy eating everything. Maybe he got into our room, or just maybe it was found in Jake’s room as I did provide him with condoms a very long time ago (like a year ago) after I found out he had sex one time. I am not encouraging sexual activity, and I did have the normal talk about not being ready (blah blah blah) but I have to be realistic and know he needs to be protected if my mother talk didn’t work. Anyway…I threw the condom in the trash and went into Jake’s room to see where the dog might have gotten it. There was a wrapper under his desk (looks like it had been in his trash but the dog took it out) and it didn’t look chewed open it looked torn open. I went back to the trash and gently picked up the condom..it wasn’t exactly clean. I can’t lie to myself and say it was unused. So after washing my hands (yeah I washed them like 3 times) I sat on the couch thinking what next???

 He’s 18 and a steady girlfriend (who I thought was a virgin..why because they both told me that ..I will believe anything!) so why would I think they are not sexually active. I am on the fence about confronting him. I know he won’t like if I ask him, but what will asking accomplish? I can only thank the lucky stars I didn’t walk in on any sexual activity as I did years ago with Liz and Adam #1.

It’s so hard being a mother. It is even harder being a mother of young adults who really are just oversized kids still.