Ok, so this is me, and even I know myself well enough to know that keeping my mouth shut was a long shot, and I didn’t!

 Jake walked in around midnight and immediately said “look in the trash can, Jake.” Whatever could I mean? After all how many mother’s tell their kids to simply look into the trash can. Usually it is “Hey take the trash out.”

Jake glanced into the almost empy trashcan and resting visibly on top of the sonic drink cup was the used condom laying atop the condom wrapped. Jake’s response was …

Yeah, I see, Uh huh, what do you want me to say, Mom?

I just sat there and then my mouth opened up and words just spilled out. “Are you having sex?” I asked. He was honest, can’t fault him for that. “Yes, Mom, but at least I am being responsible.” Damn him did he have to be so matter of fact!! I reminded him that he had told me his girlfriend was a virgin, to which he stated, “She was.” Jake explained that he and his girlfriend had been talking for a few months about having sex, and it was HER that decided she wanted to. Jake further advised me that she is on birthcontrol as well as using condoms. I guess her mother took her to get on the pill after a discussion about her being ready to fuck my son.

I shouldn’t say fuck. When I made that reference Jake said “We aren’t fucking, Mom, we are making LOVE.” What the hell do you say to that. So I gave the you are too young speech. There are a lot of emotional feelings involved both are very young to deal with all those feelings. I went through the pregnancy talk, etc etc. I said it was disrespectful to “Make Love” in my house, and his response was, “where else are we supposed to go. You want it to be cheap for us when we do it.” Lordy, am I supposed to tell him to get it on in my own house. Jake stated he would never do it when I was home, and would never subject me to something like that.

I knew I couldn’t talk about it anymore as I was still reeling from finding the condom. We shall revisit the subject.

When I told a few co-workers what happened they all remarked how odd it was that my son could talk to me about these things. How it was odd he wasn’t humilated. I find it comforting to know we are close and can talk about the big things, but this is one of those things I wish I had not stumbled across.

That damn dog brought that damn used condom into my world, and now there is no going back.