images.jpeg     I unleashed the rage on Liz and though some was hers to own some was not. I had called Liz three times and left her one-txt message and still no phone call. Finally after 11:30 p.m. she calls me. I went off on her about her overdrawn bank account and how her she was irresponsible in allowing her account to get into this state. She tried to explain but I wouldn’t hear it. There’s no reason that is acceptable. If you don’t have money you don’t spend money – PERIOD. I went on and on about how she doesn’t give her money situation much thought because she knows I will bail her out. Ok, but this time I am crying. I am so tired of spending every dime on Liz and Jeff and them feeling entitled to the funds. It isn’t that I mind helping. I mind them thinking I have to help, and allowing me to do so continuously. I care that they don’t care that I cannot do anything fun or interesting because all my time, energy and money goes to keep them afloat.All this was not just Liz’ responsibility, but to me it was. I had talked to Jeff earlier as he had called a day or two ago and stated he needed help with his rent. Jeff gets so mad when I question him as to where his money goes so it makes every conversation a chore. He doesn’t get it ..If I am funding something I am entitled to reasons and I am obligated to talk to him about how he spends his money and why he cannot pay his own rent. When I talked to Jeff he copped attitude and stated over and over “not my fault” – gosh then whose fault would it be that he has no money? Then he told me his ATM card was stolen and he was now missing a 100 dollars out of his account. I didn’t jump, take the bait, because last time he said that he was so drunk he went on a shopping spree and just told me he lost his card so I wouldn’t get mad. The card was reported stolen and all that good stuff only to find out it wasn’t via the Bank Fraud Division. So, this time when he gave me the song and dance I told him to deal with it himself. He tried to get me to call the bank and it was at that point I reminded him he was an adult, it was his bank account and the bank wouldn’t talk to me about it because.I kept asking how much he needed for his rent as he had some of his own money but he was very pig headed stating that I didn’t have to be mean to him and that it wasn’t his fault. I finally just said that he should remember that I don’t have to help him pay his rent and that it would be nice if he would just seem more appreciative and actually provide some information as well. He said something smart, not even sure what it was anymore, but I told him he didn’t need my help with that attitude and when he was ready to be a man and understand that if some one is helping you are accountable to what you are doing with your money – at that point we hung up with the thought in both our heads of me not helping with rent.

All I know is I am feeling used. I know they love me but I just feel they will continue to allow me to go without so they can have more than the basic necessities of life.