I love the calls that start out “are you busy?” What is a mother supposed to say? Geoff and I are on vacation yet the calls come (beautiful isn’t it!). Okay,  first thing I thought something’s wrong, but she corrected me. She just wanted to talk. Wow, a call with no crisis behinid it, even on vacation thaat is a welcomed conversation.

She had a meeting with her boss. She got a two dollar an hour raise, and will be eligible for health insurance in 60 days. From no job, to two jobs, to more money and health insurance. Such a good feeling knowing your child is headed in the right direction!

Now, as for Jeff; who knows where he is headed. He hasn’t mentioned being arrested nor have I. Stange isn’t it? We can talk about so many things, and there is so much openness in the family but in this regard we both steer clear. Guess it is emotional survival on both our parts.

 And then there’s Jakie. His job is great- he is mostly responsible, and he still acts like I  am in charge. Guess my ego needs that from time to time. Of course since I have been out of town in San Francisco my mind wanders to just what him and  his girlfriend, DJ are getting away with. I am sure she is spending the night at the house most nights. I swore to myself I wouldn’t ask.  Don’t ask don’t tell…that is my new personal motto!