September 2006

Just how many times does Liz have to go through the emotional roller coaster ride with Adam#2. I don’t know how to help other than to listen when she is in need. At least that is what I always thought, but now just listening is getting old, and there comes a time when you choose to be on the roller coaster or choose to get off. My words to her now are supportive but straight and to the point. How many different ways does she have to be abused? No, it isn’t physical, but that doesn’t mean it is not harming her psyche.

I was watching television and I believe it was on Wedding Date where I heard the line, or something to the effect Women have exactly the kind of relationship they want . I told Liz that tonight and she didn’t say much to it. I don’t know how to get through to her other than to be harsh. No more sugar coating it. It’s time to move on. I can’t make her take the steps, but I will no longer sit silenty while she chooses wrong.



There are so many parent bloggers out there and almost all of them post such happy feelings and life events, so my thought is – what’s wrong with me? (more…)