Typical about me page, though most who know me would say “There’s nothing typical about you!”

I am 41 years old (closer to 42 really) with a sharp tongue and a sarcastic and yes humorous way of interacting with folks. I am a mother of three children (now adults). I have a daughter age 21 and two sons ages 20 and 18. More details you say – Okay you got it!

Married to the children’s father at a very young age (yes they all have the same father!) Was a stay at home mom and had no desire to work outside the home. In fact I had never even had a job. Wonderful man for years and years but in the end found his way to the dark side – which would be drugs. Hung around for a few years, which made a hard life for the children and myself. The last five years were difficult as I attempted to see him through recovery, relapse, and yes you guessed it – recovery and relapse time and time again.

During the dark time I knew it was not going to be what I had envisioned for me life so I went back to college. I am one of the many re-entry students who was scared to death to go back. I survived and did well I might add. I raised the children (pretty much without help as he was too far-gone) found employment (my first job I might add) at the Probation Department, and went to school full time, and when I say full time I mean 20 + units a quarter. I graduated in 2000 and shortly after graduation I left my husband. A difficult decision as I still have love for him to this date. As it is said What’s love got to do with it?

It hasn’t been easy emotionally for anyone – myself of the kids – but life goes on and we made a new life. I have a wonderful man in my life and he loves my kids as if they were his own. We’ve been together awhile now and I know I am in love for the last time in my life.

 Currently I social worker for Child Protective Services (some define my job as “baby snatcher”). It is a difficult job; the soul hurts at times, and anger boils, but if you make a difference in one child’s life and/or a family’s life it is worth it.

So that is me in a nutshell. Think what you will!


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